Garden Club names 'Yard of the Month' for July

The Fortuna Garden Club has named the home and garden of Teresa and Philip Saluzzo, at 844 St. in Fortuna, its yard of the month for July.

The Fortuna Garden Club spotlights in July the home and garden of Teresa and Philip Saluzzo, at 844 St. in Fortuna.

"The yard is a riot of color, with nasturtiums and poppies spilling from the picket fence and climbing roses with nasturtiums creeping up the pergola at the front entrance," the club's announcement reads. "Only a small patch of lawn exists in this garden, as the rest of the yard is abundantly planted with hundreds of varieties of flowers.

"Stepping into the cottage style garden area you will see plants and flowers of every variety — fuschias, penstemon, poppies, lilies, sunflowers, linaria, verbena, lavatera, cosmos, irises and more. A huge buddleia, butterfly bush, consumes an entire corner of the yard, and different spaces are decorated with stepping stones and a sundial. Of great interest in the side yard of this home, built in 1885, is a gigantic camellia that must have been planted when the house was built. It is at least 25 feet tall, and neighboring it is a rhododendron that is equal in size, both fronted by a full grown tree fern. This garden awakens your senses of sight, sound and smell as you take in all the color, hear the birds and the bees, and experience the delightful floral fragrances."

The Saluzzos are retired, according to the announcement, and enjoy remodeling older homes.

"Gardens are places to grow friendships," said Teresa Saluzzo, who is a painter of flowers and landscapes.

For more information about the Fortuna Garden Club, please call Debra Strahan at 725-7862, or Denise Lea at 725-5947.