Fortuna offers monthly contests beginning May 1

The City of Fortuna's website features many helpful resources for citizens to access city related material such as; online bill payment, local events and contact information for pertinent departments.

New monthly contests are being implemented on the city's website and facebook page to increase the use of the website features, as part of a pilot project. Starting May 1, at the beginning of each month (for five months), a different contest will be featured, giving citizens the opportunity to win Fortuna Bucks. These contests will encourage citizens to embrace local features and become familiar with the city's website all the while competing to win prizes.

To find the monthly contests, simply go to the City of Fortuna's website home page or the visit city's facebook page "City of Fortuna" at



Fortuna Bucks are gift certificates that can be spent just like cash inside the city limits of Fortuna. Fortuna businesses can accept the certificates as they would a $10 or $20 bill, give change back, and deposit for the full face value wherever they bank. Treat the certificates just as you would a traveler's check.