Quake drills to test readiness on Wednesday

The Fortuna Volunteer Fire Department will be conducting a complex earthquake drill on Wednesday from 6:45-9:30 p.m., according to an FVFD press release. Residents in Fortuna, Alton, Hydesville and Palmer Creek can expect to see fire engines in both residential and commercial areas as they respond to simulated emergencies. Firefighters and Community Emergency Response Teams will respond to a wide range of simulated emergencies including collapsed buildings, natural gas leaks, structural fires, downed power lines and medical emergencies. The Fortuna Police Department, Fortuna Public Works and several schools will be assisting during the exercise.

"Conducting drills like this helps our department maintain the skills needed to deal with major incidents such as earthquakes and high wind events," Fortuna Fire Chief Lon Winburn said in the release. "This exercise will help us improve our command and control skills at every level as well as test our ability to utilize and track the resources which will be needed during a major disaster."

For additional information or questions, contact Lon Winburn at 725-5021.