Update: Unconscious swimmer pulled from Samoa beach waters

One man was taken to the hospital after a water rescue at a Samoa beach.
One man was taken to the hospital after a water rescue at a Samoa beach.

An unconscious male swimmer was pulled out of the water at Samoa Beach and taken to the hospital after a rescue operation this afternoon.

Humboldt County Sheriff's Office Special Services Division Sgt. Bryan Quenell said they received call from another swimmer who said his friend had not come out of the water.

"We were able to locate him and pull him out of the water," Quenell said. "He was unconscious the whole time, but he had a heartbeat."

A Coast Guard helicopter and personnel from the Samoa Volunteer Fire Department, Humboldt Bay Fire District, the Bureau of Land Management and the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office participated in the rescue operation.

After scanning the coastline for several minutes, the helicopter spotted the unconscious swimmer. Several sheriff's office and fire personnel ran into the water and pulled the man out by his hands and legs at around 4:55 p.m. They immediately began performing CPR.

The swimmer was then loaded into a sheriff's office Jeep with emergency personnel who continued to perform CPR as they drove to meet an ambulance at New Navy Base Road.

Several of the swimmer's friends were on the beach watching as emergency personnel and vehicles combed the beach. Before leaving, one said the man did not know how to swim very well and the tide took him out.

Calls to the sheriff's office for an update on his condition were not immediately returned. St. Joseph Hospital representatives said they could not release any information.