Fortuna Noon Rotary welcomes three new members

The Fortuna Noon Rotary is expanding its membership and has recently added three new members to help continue its work in the community.

"We are very happy to welcome Supervisor Estelle Fennell, Trina Pockett, and Alycia Jackson to our group," Fortuna Noon Rotary President Robert Johnson said.

"Rotary International's mission is to rid the world of Polio," Fortuna Noon Rotary Secretary Lisa Hummel said. "Locally we work for that cause along with many other areas. We do scholarships, service projects such as the VFW and the sidewalk upgrade at FUHS. We really try to reinvesting in our community."

Johnson said having new members with a connection to the community was great. New member Supervisor Estelle Fennel is not new to Rotary, but rather transferred her membership from the Garberville Rotary.

"Estelle is always willing to listen to the citizens and does a great job of communicating with us," Johnson said. "She will try to get answers for any question if she does not know the answer."

Hummel agreed.

"She brings a lot of years of experience," Hummel said of Fennell. "Not only experience, but like the other new members, yet another perspective, and that will be an asset."

Johnson said it was good for our club to have a community leader involved.

"It is also good for her to have people know that she is indeed involved with our community since she represents a big district," he said. "Estelle offers a connection to the Humboldt County political atmosphere that will be helpful to our community and club."

New members Jackson and Pockett also have ties to the community through work and family.

"It is good to have a diverse group of people in any club," Hummel said. "Pockett is the executive director of the MGC in Fortuna and Jackson works at Eel Valley Appliance."

Jackson said she joined Rotary to be more involved in her community.

"I try and help our volunteering in the community as much as I can," she said. "I have a 4-year-old and I know the Rotary does a lot for our youth and that is important to me."

Johnson said her goal for this year is to grow the membership.

"We also have a project we would like to help get completed," she said. "The snack bar at the football field at FUHS was started and never finished. We have pledged money to the project and the hope is to get others involved and finally get it completed."

The snack bar project is one started years ago to honor a well-known face of Fortuna Union High School, Ferman Garcia. Currently the structure is done and is often used to sell merchandise but is yet to be the start of the art snack shack that was dreamed.

The Fortuna Noon Rotary also gives $15,000 in scholarships to high school graduates in May.

For more information about the Fortuna Noon Rotary, email or attend its meeting on Thursdays at Hunan's in Fortuna at noon.

Photo by Heather Nyberg-Schlotzhauer/Beacon

Estelle Fennell receives her Fortuna Noon Rotary name badge from President Robert Johnson. Alycia Jackson and Trina Pockett also recently joined the club and received their badges as well.