Fortuna Camera Club announces January competition winners

Judges for the January competition were Ron Irvin, Donna Queen and Jackie Wales.

"A" Print Division

1st, "California Fall and Falling Barn" (unanimous vote) by Ron Irvin

"B" Print Division

1st, "Lavender Dahlia" by Debbie Tull

2nd, "Lichen in Sun Light" by Ron Irvin

Electronic Image Division

"A" Division

1st, "Page in Red" by Ron Irvin

2nd, "Thinking of Ewe" by Debbie Tull

3rd, "How to Get Rid of Old Cheerios" by Jackie Wales

HM, "Old Nichols Farm" by Jackie Wales

"B" Division

1st, "Sunrise on Humboldt Bay 2" by Sarah Hasiuk

2nd, "Study in Light on Feed Screw" by Ron Irvin

3rd, "In the Spotlight" by Debbie Tull

HM, "Sunrise on Humboldt Bay 1" by Sarah Hasiuk

Congratulations to 13-year-old member Sarah Hasiuk for her first place win "Sunrise on Humboldt Bay 2"; keep up the good work.

The Fortuna Camera Club meets the last Friday of the month at the United Methodist Church at 10th and N streets in Fortuna, 7:30 pm. All visitors are welcome, our membership ranges from 13 to 95 years old, so bring the family.

If you have questions about the club you can contact Kathy Blanchard at 442-6282.

Photos courtesy of the Fortuna Camera Club

1. "California Fall and Falling Barn" By Ron Irvin

2. "Lavender Dahlia" by Debbie Tull

3. "Page in Red" by Ron Irvin