Let there be rain; Forecast: Increasing clouds, cold front to bring bursts to Eureka

Eureka was set to experience light rain Monday night, with more to come for the rest of the week, including at least half an inch on Wednesday, according to the National Weather Service.

NWS meteorologist Scott Carroll said there looks to be two, maybe three, batches of rain coming into the area.

"One batch will be coming in the evening overnight and we can expect about one-tenth of an inch, with higher amounts in the mountains and Del Norte County," Carroll said.

The next round of rain is expected to come in late Wednesday morning lasting into the afternoon and overnight, bringing in the most rain for the week, according to Carroll.

"Around Eureka we're looking at least half an inch, maybe more," he said. "Once that shifts out, there will be one more batch coming in Thursday night and it will be light."

Carroll said the rain will start to clear out over the weekend and into the beginning of next week.

As for this warning, Carroll said counties farther north will experience more rain and counties farther south will experience less.

"Northern Humboldt and Del Norte will get the most rain and down toward southern Mendocino it will get the least," he said.

Carroll added that there may be some snow in the mountains when the second and third batches of rain roll in.

"On Wednesday we may get some snow in the mountains in Trinity County and eastern Del Norte County, but I don't think it will be too much," he said. "There may be some snow on Thursday and Friday as well, but I'm not sure."

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