Hot, Hot, Hot; Humboldt Hotsauce wins two Scovie awards

Humboldt Hotsauce recently received first place in the All Natural category and second place in the Habanero Hot Sauce category at the 2014 Scovie Awards for their Island-style and Habanero-Mango hot sauces, respectively.

Cal Ferris, co-founder of Humboldt Hotsauce, said he was excited to win the awards because it helped boost the company's reputation. The Scovie Awards is one of the world's most competitive gourmet food competitions that recognizes the best of the best in fiery foods and products from around the world.

"The Scovie Awards happen every year, and when we found out we applied for it," Ferris said. "We also began attending shows and festivals with challenges to get our sauces out there."

Longtime friends Ferris and Dan Bixler began Humboldt Hotsauce in 2010 with the idea to create all-natural, GMO-free and gluten-free hot sauces.

"All of our hot sauces are made with huge flavors and have a lot of depth," Ferris said. "That's the way it should be, with a lot of flavor and character."

Humboldt Hotsauce began when Ferris served his Habanero-Mango hot sauce as a tableside condiment at his Oregon cafe. The tableside condiment expanded into a full-sized business when Bixler told Ferris he had a website called, and the Humboldt-based company was off.

"The plan is to grow the company and expand eastward to give the customers what they want," Ferris said. "I envision the company growing with more stores nationwide and adding more flavors using hotter peppers."

Currently, Ferris has several new hot sauce ideas in the works, including a Trinidadian scorpion pepper hot sauce, which is twice as hot -- if not hotter -- than a habanero, he said.

In addition to the two Scovie Awards, Humboldt Hotsauce has recently been awarded six other awards, including three from

"Cal and Dan are very big on sourcing local ingredients, which is different from the bigger companies that tend to deal in off-shore production," said Brian Galante with Dimension PR. "They believe in what they do, and they have a lot of fans."

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