Fortuna Dog Park gets support from local restaurant and catering business

Heather Nyberg-Schlotzhauer

Beacon Correspondent

The Fortuna Dog Park is still in the creation process and in need of funding to complete. Community members have come together to create an event on Wednesday, Nov. 20 at Dorris and Daughter Catering Café.

The café at 758 10th St. in Fortuna will be giving 20 percent of purchases to the Fortuna Dog Park. The café is open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. with a menu that changes daily.

"What a great thing for Dorris and Daughter to do for the Dog Park!!" Kellie Herman posted on the event page on Facebook.

Nico Kilmer followed that up, saying, "How sweet that Jeannie is doing this!"

The Fortuna Dog Park on its Facebook page states, "Join us in a collaborative effort to create a dog park in Fortuna. Supported by the Fortuna Chamber of Commerce, local businesses and friends of dogs everywhere!"

Tuesday, the group started construction on the fence surrounding the dog park digging fence posts in preparation for the fencing.

Fortuna Dog Park created a YouTube video that can be watched at

To find out more information about the menu and the event you can contact Erin Dunn at the Fortuna Chamber of Commerce 725-3959 or Dorris and Daughter at 725-2505.