Fortuna Camera Club October competition results

Judges: Donna Queen, Jackie Wales, Neal Kesterson

-- "A" Print Division

1st: "Bronco 1-Cowboy-0," Theodore Silva

2nd: "Putting on the Brakes," Theodore Silva

3rd: "Through the Ages," Ron Irvin

HM: "Trees," Jackie Wales

-- "B" Print Division

1st: "Waterfall," Pat Kesterson

2nd: "Before the Storm," Ron Irvin

3rd: "Three Sails," Ted Silva

HM "Mother and Baby," Pat Kesterson


"A" Electronic Image Division

1st: "Table Bluff," Debbie Tull

2nd: "Crimson Columbine," Ron Irvin

3rd: "Big Jelly," Debbie Tull

HM: "Solo Flight," Kathy Blanchard

-- "B" Electronic Image Division

1st: "Avocet," Debbie Tull

2nd: "Mountain Iris," Ron Irvin

3rd: "Reflections," Pat Kesterson

HM: "Night on Fire," Tom Blanchard

The Fortuna Camera Club meets the last Friday of the month at the United Methodist Church at 10th and N streets, Fortuna at 7:30 p.m. This is a family club and all visitors are welcome.

Submitted photo

Avocet" by Debbie Tull