Season ends with Mayo, Marcelli, Lawrence, Henderson champs

At the Races

By Penny Elsebusch

Beacon Correspondent

The last race of the season at Redwood Acres Raceway on Sept. 28 featured Late Models and IMCA Modifieds. The Open Show is usually a two day event but this year it was held on Saturday night only. Various championships were decided at the last race. Jarrett Mayo won the Roadrunner Championship by 1 point. Angelo Marcellli won the Sportsman Championship. Michael Lawrence won the Real Stock Championship and David Henderson won the Thunder Roadster Championship as they both had a lead of too many points not to win.

LATE MODEL: Howard Ford won the Trophy Dash. In the first of two Heat races, Kenny Demello started on the front row and held on to the lead for the win. In the second Heat race, Daniel Jobe took the lead and the win with Walker in second and Mic Moulton in third. Chris Scribner took the lead in the Main Event followed by Jimmy Walker Jr. Roddy. Ford got past Walker. Roddy took over the lead with Ford in second and Walker third. A yellow flag came out for a car spinning. After the restart, Eric Schmidt passed Walker and then Ford. Ford went to the pits on Lap 49 but returned before the race ended. After another yellow flag to check the track for fluid, Roddy and Scribner had contact coming out of turn 3 for a red flag. It was decided that the race would end before the restart. Schmidt was the winner with David Miller in second and Randy Houston finishing third.

IMCA: Richie Potts won the Trophy Dash. Guy Young took the lead in the Heat race with Tom Ford in second and Richie Potts in third and they finished in that order. Young took the lead in their Main Event but Darrin Knight was able to pass Young for the lead and began to pull away from Young who was followed by Devin LaHorgue and Richie Potts and they finished in that order.

THUNDER ROADSTER: David Henderson won the Trophy Dash. In the Heat race, Tommy Payne took the lead followed by Chris Sarvinski and Robbie Nelson. Belinda Ward was hit by Bruce Ziemer coming out of turn 3 and was towed to the infield. Ziemer was able to continue. Payne won with Nelson in second and Henderson in third. In the Main Event, Mike Ward spun coming out of turn 4 but there was no yellow flag. Robbie Nelson led with Payne in second and Henderson in third. Henderson got past Payne and Nelson and Paul Peeples Jr. tagged along to take over second. At the checker it was Henderson, Peeples Jr. and Nelson.

REAL STOCK: There were not enough cars to run a Trophy Dash. Chris Naughton won the 5 lap Heat race with Lawrence in second and Matt Simon finishing third. The class did not have a Main Event.

Photos by Penny Elsebusch/Beacon

1. Angelo Marcelli won the 2013 Sportsman Championship.

2. David Henderson won the 2013 Thunder Roadster Championship.