Fortuna Camera Club names September winners

The winners are:

"A" Print Image Division

1st: "Fortuna 4th of July," Ron Irvin

2nd: "Mouth of the Klamath," Jackie Wales

3rd: "Fun at the Fair," Jeannette Richards

HM: "Waiting for the Fog," Jackie Wales

"B" Print Image Division

1st: "Garden Stream," Ron Irvin

2nd: "Yellow Callas," Pat Kesterson

3rd: "Tools of the Trade," Pat Kesterson

HM: "Pink Blush," Jeannette Richards

"A" Electronic Image Division

1st: "Waiting," Debbie Tull

2nd: "Fish Story," Debbie Tull

3rd: "Moon Over Schmidbauer Saw Mill," Kathy Blanchard

HM: "Crimson Columbine," Ron Irvin

"B" Electronic Image Division

1st: "Sunset on the Bay," Kathy Blanchard

2nd: "Moon Over the Wharfinger," Kathy Blanchard

3rd: "Salad Bowl," Debbie Tull

HM: "Apartment Wash Day," Ron Irvin

Humboldt County has some of the best fall color in the state, providing great photographic opportunities. Now that fall has arrived there is no better place or time to get out that new camera or the old one that has been sitting at the top of the closet.

To capture the golden hews of autumn leaves, join a group of enthusiastic photographers, and your local camera club is a great place to meet them. The Fortuna Camera Club meets the last Friday of the month at 7:30 p.m. at the United Methodist Church at 10 and N St. Fortuna. This is a family club and all visitors are welcome. You can call Kathy Blanchard at 442-6282 for more information.

Photo courtesy of the Fortuna Camera Club

"Garden Stream" by Ron Irvin