Fortuna Camera Club August competition results

Judges: Alayne Hunt, Chet King, and Kathy Blanchard

-"A" Print Image Division

1st: "Beauty in High Contrast," Ron Irvin

2nd: "Cling on Tree," Alayne Hunt

3rd: "Amber Waves of Grain," Emily Laursen

HM: "The Trail Under the Waterfall," Alexander Laursen

-"B" Print Image Division

1st: "Sunset Cruise," Kathy King

2nd: "Dan," Alexander Laursen

3rd: "Fireworks," Emily Laursen

HM: "Stream Crossing Ahead," Ron Irvin

-"A" Electronic Image Division

1st: "Leaf Skeletons in the Water," Emily Laursen

2nd: "On Line," Debbie Tull

3rd: "Gold Beach Bridge," Alexander Laursen

HM: "Duck Island," Ron Irvin

-"B" Electronic Image Division

1st: "Summer Dahlia," Debbie Tull

2nd: "A Race with Color," Ron Irvin

3rd: "A Man's Dream Vacation," Alayne Hunt

HM: "Sparkling Sunset," Emily Laursen

The Fortuna Camera Club extended their congratulations to one of their youngest members 11 year old Emily Laursen for her wining entry "Leaf Skeletons in the Water." Emily and her brother Alexander have been members for a few years now and they have a very creative and artistic style of approaching things. Our monthly blind competition has our youngest members competing against experienced photographers and to our delight and amazement they are giving us a new way to look at the world of photography. The Fortuna Camera Club meets the last Friday of the month at the United Methodist Church at 10th and N St. Fortuna at 7:30 p.m. All visitors are welcome and this is a family club, so bring the kids or bring a friend.

For questions on the club you can call club President Kathy Blanchard at 442-6282.

photo captions:

1. "Leaf Skeletons in the Water" by Emily Laursen

2. Emily Laursen