Fortuna Camera Club's June competition results

Judges: Alexander Laursen, Emily Laursen and Sarah Hasiuk

"A" Print Image Division

1st: "Posing," Debbie Tull

2nd: "The Walkway," Jeannette Richards

3rd: "Loleta Barn," Alayne Hunt

HM: "The Cemetery," Jeannette Richards

"B" Print Image Division

1st: "Vine and Stream, Back Lit," Ron Irvine

2nd: "Sunset After the Storm," Kathy King

3rd: "All Secure," Pat Kesterson

H.M.: "Dinner for Two," Kathy King

"A" Electronic Image Division

1st: "Give Me a Push," Debbie Tull

2nd: "The Cave at the Hermitage," Alayne Hunt

3rd: "Spring on the Bay," Jackie Wales

HM: "Hidden Frog," Emily Laursen

"B" Electronic Image Division

1st: "Looks Cold," Neal Kesterson

2nd: "In Pursuit," Debbie Tull

3rd: "You Dropped It," Pat Kesterson

H.M.: "What a Big Tongue You Have," Alexander Laursen

Summer is here and you couldn't ask for a better location for photographers and their cameras. From the Pacific Ocean to the Redwood forest, the Fortuna Camera Club's monthly field trips will delight the novice to the experienced photographer.

Come and drop in to one of our meetings on the last Friday of the month at the United Methodist Church at N and 10th streets in Fortuna, 7:30 p.m., or join us on one of our field trips. This is a family club with members ranging from 9 years old to 90, so bring the family. For further information on the club, contact Kathy Blanchard at 442-6282.

Photo captions:


1. "Posing" by Debbie Tull

2. "Vine and Stream" by Ron Irvine

3. "Give Me a Push" by Debbie Tull

4. "Looks Cold" by Neal Kesterson