Agave blooms in Redcrest

A rare and fascinating botanical event is occurring in Redcrest at Rosina Vineyards. A trio of century plants is in full bloom. The 30-foot-tall agave plant blooms started in early May (picture No. 1) and will finish blooming in the next few weeks. These plant members of the agave family were planted by vineyard owners Ed and Rosina Lewis shortly after they moved to their Redcrest residence in 1982. The large stocks appeared about two months ago (picture No. 2), and are now in full flower. Each stock is about 30 feet tall. After the plants finish flowering, they will die, but they will produce suckers from the base which will continue to grow. There are already new plants growing around the big ones, and the Lewis family plans to dig out the big plants after they die and let the young ones take their place. The misnamed century plant typically lives only 10 to 30 years.

Photo by Mary Bullwinkel/Beacon