Household hazardous waste collection on Saturday

The Humboldt Waste Management Authority will hold a household hazardous waste collection in Fortuna at the Public Works Corp Yard at 190 Dinsmore Dr. on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Households will be charged a disposal fee of $5 per vehicle. There is a disposal limit of up to 15 gallons (by container size) or up to 125 pounds. Additional fees apply for excess disposal amounts: $5 per gallon (by container size) or $7 per pound.

Businesses -- including landlords, religious organizations, schools or nonprofits -- can call 441-2005 for an appointment.

Materials accepted include:

-- Wet paint. (Dried paint may be thrown in the trash with the lid off.)

-- Used oil, filters, and contaminated oil.

-- Auto and garden products.

-- Pharmaceuticals and sharps (in biohazard containers)

-- Fluorescent (+10, $0.20/ft.) and HID bulbs (+3, $2.50 each.)

-- Products labeled: Caution, Warning, Toxic, Flammable.

-- Household cleaners.

-- Mercury bearing wastes.

-- Aerosols (with contents.)

-- Batteries.

The collection will not accept e-waste, appliances or explosives. Call HWMA at 441-2005 for more information or visit