Dog needs corrective surgery

Mary, an 18-month-old border collie mix, was recently admitted to the Humboldt County Animal Shelter after her owners were arrested.

Currently in foster care through It's A Dog's Life Rescue, Mary has a congenital esophageal problem that needs corrective surgery. This will allow her to eat normally (she now has to be fed in a special way and with special food served several times a day) and will perhaps eliminate the chance of her to getting aspiration pneumonia which is now a very large probability and if it occurs, it has great risk of being fatal.

The surgery will be done at UC Davis, and someone will have to stay there for a few days. Cost to It's A Dog's Life rescue is estimated to be in the $1,000 to $1,500 range (UC Davis will give the rescue about a 50 percent price reduction because Mary's a rescue dog).

Surgery will be scheduled in next couple of months and the rescue hopes to have costs covered by time Mary travels to Davis.

Mary is an adorable little sprite (about 35 pounds) with a great life ahead of her. If you care to donate, email or phone 707-839-3148.

Submitted photo

Mary is a small border collie mix in need of surgery.