Fortuna water tank project nears completion; project manager estimates one month left before site work wraps

Mary Bullwinkel

Beacon Correspondent

Residents of the Stewart Street neighborhood in Fortuna have about another month of disruption from the construction project installing a new water tank. That's the word from project manager Mike Flockhart.

The tank has been online now for about three weeks, supplying water for fire flow and for the downtown area businesses and residences. Also during that time, approximately five tons of drain rock was hauled to the Stewart Street location, to bring the area around the reservoir up to future grade for topsoil and landscaping.

"Everything is working fine," said Flockhart. "We are getting very close to being done." The old temporary tanks have been removed from the site and the new tank is fully functioning.

This week a gutter is being constructed to catch runoff from the new roof over the reservoir, and an estimated three feet of topsoil will be brought to the site as part of a landscaping phase of the project. Flockhart estimates landscaping will be complete by mid-March. A chain link fence will also be installed around the two-million gallon concrete reservoir.

"We really appreciate the patience of the folks in the Stewart Street neighborhood," Flockhart said. "They've had a construction project in their front yard for a long time and have been very understanding."

The contractors and the city are attempting to use the dry weather to finish the project in a timely manner, Flockhart said.

Photo by Heather Nyberg-Schlotzhauer/Beacon

The Fortuna Stewart water tank now has a roof in place. Landscaping is estimated to be complete by mid-March.