Fortuna Camera Club February competition results

Judges: Neal Kesterson, Tom Blanchard, Donna Queen

"A" Print Division

1st: "The Kiss," Debbie Tull

2nd: "Spring Bloom," Ron Irvin

"B" Print Division

1st: "Farmer John," Pat Kesterson

2nd: "Beautiful Garden," Pat Kesterson

3rd: "Show Your Teeth," Ron Irvin

"A" Electronic Image Division

1st: "Marina Reflection," Debbie Tull

2nd: "Mushrooms on a Stump," Emily Laursen

3rd: "Bottoms Up," Ron Irvin

HM: "Beaded Beauties," Alayne Hunt

"B" Electronic Image Division

1st: "After the Molt," Debbie Tull

2nd: "Mill Creek Falls, McKinleyville," Pat Kesterson

3rd: "Natural Camo," Alayne Hunt

HM: "Honeydew Hayrack," Pat Kesterson

The Fortuna Camera Club meet the last Friday of the month at 7:30 p.m. at the United Methodist Church at 10th and N streets, Fortuna. This is a family club and all visitors are welcome to come to meetings or join us on our monthly field trip. For information on the club, call Kathy Blanchard at 442-6282.

photo captions:

1. "A" Print Division: 1st: "The Kiss," Debbie Tull

2. "A" Electronic Image Division: 1st: "Marina Reflection," Debbie Tull

3. "B" Electronic Image Division: 1st: "After the Molt," Debbie Tull