Negotiations continue in Loleta as meat market and bakery find middle ground

Heather Nyberg-Schlotzhauer

Beacon Correspondent

The resident temperature has seemed to settle to a low sizzle as Loleta Bakery and Loleta Meat Market find neutral ground to proceed forward as separately located businesses. Both parties have walked through The Gilded Rose site and are now waiting on a Humboldt County inspection.

Loleta Meat Market co-owner Pixie Setterlund feels like things are still in "limbo", but looks forward to seeing if the Gilded Rose building is "sound". Setterlund is optimistic that they might have more news this week which will help the process move forward.

Loleta Bakery owners Peter and Jeanne van der Zee extended the 60-day notice to 120 days. Setterlund was originally served the eviction notice on Jan. 10. In an effort to make a smooth transition and come up with the necessary funds to move the business to a new location, the notice was extended.

"All is quiet in Loleta," said Jeanne van der Zee. "There has been no further picketing and business has regained its momentum. ... A bank account in the name of 'Save the Loleta Meat Market' has been set up by my husband at Umpqua Bank."

"The community has been awesome with their donations and most of all emotional support," said Setterlund. "I have never seen a community get together like this. It is truly amazing."

Jenny Aubrey does not live in the area, but has been working to help her mother and uncle find a new location and the money needed to make it happen. Aubrey has acquired bracelets and magnets with "I love Loleta Meat" and "Pixie Power" on them for supporters in exchange for a $5-or-more donation toward the relocation.

Aubrey shares on the Facebook page she created in support of her mother: "Our goal of keeping the Meat Market in its original spot isn't going to work. So now we need to make Plan B our main goal."

To help support the Loleta Meat Market move to its new location, people can make a donation at the Market or at any local Umpqua Bank. Loleta Meat Market is currently located at 351 Main St. in Loleta and can be reached at 733-5319.

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Photo by Heather Nyberg-Schlotzhauer/Beacon

The Gilded Rose could very well be the new business location for Loleta Meat Market if Humboldt County inspectors deem it sound. The building is on the next corner up from the market's current location.