Fortuna Camera Club names January winners

The Fortuna Camera Club has announced the winners of its January competition. Judges for this competition were Ted Silva, Alayne Hunt and Debbie Tull. The winners are:

"A" Print Division

1st: "Blue Flower with Ant," Ron Irvin

2nd: "Old Wheel," Alayne Hunt

"B" Print Division

1st: "Silver Mushrooms," Alayne Hunt

2nd: "Bob Cat Portrait," Ron Irvin

3rd: "Innocence," Pat Kesterson

HM: "Daffodil Hill," Pat Kesterson

Electronic Image Division

"A" Division

1st: "Bumblebee on Butterfly Weed," Jackie Wales

2nd: "July 4th," Ron Irvin

3rd: "Rose," Ted Silva

HM: "Tree of Life," Debbie Tull

"B" Division

1st: "411 Lift Off," Ted Silva

2nd: "Me and My Shadow," Alayne Hunt

3rd: "Ferndale Cemetery," Debbie Tull

HM: "Lost Coast Ranch," Ron Irvin

The Fortuna Camera club meets the last Friday of the month at 7:30 p.m. at the United Methodist Church at 10th and N streets, Fortuna.

All visitors are welcome. The Friday, Feb. 22 program will be presented by world traveler Jeannette Richards on her trip to Burma. Our field trip this month will be night time photography of Old town Eureka. We will meet at 6 p.m. for dinner at Chapala; if you are interested in joining us for the evening or getting more information on the club, please call president and editor Kathy Blanchard at 442-6282.