Fortuna water tank project update

Mary Bullwinkel

Beacon Correspondent

The new water tank project in Fortuna is getting closer to completion, and this week there will be cleaning and disinfection of the tank itself, in preparation for next week, when the reservoir will be filled and tested for leaks.

DN Tanks is conducting the work this week. The Western Region office of DN Tanks serves northern California, Nevada, Utah, and Guam.

A project update meeting was held last week at Fortuna City Hall for residents living in the Stewart Street neighborhood (where the new tank is located) and interested members of the community.

"The spiral wrapping and shotcrete application is complete," said Construction Manager, GDH's Merritt Perry. According to a project update posted on the city of Fortuna's website, the first coat of shotcrete was applied last Friday and the second and final coat was applied on Jan. 19. Shotcrete is sprayed concrete, which was applied after the high tension cable wrappings were installed on the concrete water tank.

The final portion of the project is to backfill around the new tank, and that work will commence after the leak testing is complete. The backfill will bring the site up to the original grade of the road.

"The tank will be partially buried," Perry said, "with approximately six feet of the tank exposed on the uphill side and the entire tank exposed on the downhill side near the pump station."

Weather permitting, all work is tentatively scheduled to be completed by the middle of March.

photo captions:

Photo by Heather Nyberg-Schlotzhauer/Beacon

1. The Stewart water tank is taking shape as it is newly coated with a roof in place. Controversy and clean up still surround this new tank.

Photos by GDH, an engineering, architectural, and environmental consulting firm

2. A DN Tanks high tension cable machine is used to install wrapping on the new Fortuna water tank

3. DN Tanks and Maples Plumbing recently installed a 28-foot tall, 18-inch diameter over flow pipe inside the new Fortuna water tank