New logo for Fortuna Multi-Generational Center

Mary Bullwinkel

Beacon Correspondent

While the search continues for an Executive Director to lead the Fortuna MGC, the group has developed a new logo for identification purposes. The design was created by Fortuna-based business Precision Intermedia Graphic Designer Simon Kriger.

The MCG Board of Directors selected the design because it symbolizes many different aspects of the MGC. "You can look at it and perhaps you might see three different "sizes" (ages) of people," DeLashmutt said. "You might focus on the different colors intersecting denoting different generations, cultures, or perspectives," she added, "or you might see bridges leading to other possibilities." The logo was identified as symbolizing many of the MGC's core values.

Meanwhile, the group is continuing its search for an executive director, someone they identify as a passionate and visionary leader to provide creative direction in planning, implementing, supervising, and administering programs at the MGC. "We are really looking for someone who loves people, wants to make a difference in this community, and someone who has experience with financials, budgets, and grants," said MGC Start-up Coordinator Sabrina DeLashmutt. She describes the ideal candidate as a people person who has good business (nonprofit) experience.

Interested candidates are asked to submit a resume and a letter of interest to by Dec. 12, and interviews are planned to be conducted the week of Dec. 17.

The MGC, which is designed to support children, teens, adults, seniors, and underserved populations, may open as soon as early 2013.

photo caption:

Graphic designer Simon Kriger developed the logo for the Fortuna Multi-Generational Center which is scheduled to open in early 2013.