Fortuna Camera Club names October competition winners

Experts and novices alike can share the wonders of photography together, learning from each other. Tips from the expert whose been shooting for over 60 years or watching in wonder as a 10-year-old lays on her back in a rose bed shooting up at the flowers.

The Fortuna Camera Club provides that opportunity, a reason to gather together and experience nature through a camera lens. We meet the last Friday of the month at the United Methodist Church at 10th and N St. Fortuna at 7:30 p.m. or join us on one of our monthly field trips -- all are welcome.

For information on the club you can call Kathy Blanchard, newsletter editor, at 442-6282.

The October competition was judged by Alayne Hunt, Neal Kesterson, Sandy Blaszak

"A" Print Division

1st: "Yosemite Falls," Theodore Silva

2nd: "Alley in Old Town in the Rain," Jackie Wales

3rd: "Voyages of Old," Ron Irvin

HM: "Yosemite Snow," Theodore Silva

"B" Print Division

1st: "Bronc Rider," Pat Kesterson

2nd: "Christmas Card," Theodore Silva

3rd: "4th of July 2012," Ron Irvin

HM: "Labor Day Morning Visitors," Alayne Hunt

Electronic Image Division

"A" Division

1st: "A Calm Day," Debbie Tull

2nd: "Frog on Leaf," Debbie Tull

3rd: "Violet Flower Rendering," Ron Irvin

HM: "Am I on Candid Camera?" Tom Blanchard

"B" Division

1st: "View Towards Loleta Hill," Jackie Wales

2nd: "S is for Slug," Debbie Wales

3rd: "Seed Pod," Ron Irvin

HM: "Rocky Shore," Sarah Hasiuk

photo captions:

Submitted photos

1. The Fortuna Camera Club "A" Print Division first-place winner for October was Theodore Silva's "Yosemite Falls."

2. First place in the "B" Print Division was awarded to "Bronc Rider" by Pat Kesterson.