Final race of the season at Redwood Acres

At the Races

By Penny Elsebusch

Beacon Correspondent

Fans filled the grandstands at Redwood Acres on a warm sunny afternoon to watch the 2012 season race finale on Sept. 30. The Late Model cars would run a 100 lap Main and the IMCA Modifieds a 60 lap Main Event. The regular divisions of Real Stock, Roadrunners and Thunder Roadsters also raced. Thunder Roadster driver, Paul Peeples Jr. had amassed a large points lead and it was announced that he would be the 2012 Champion at the start of the Thunder Roadster race.

REAL STOCK: At the start of their Main Event, William Sand garnered the lead with Jim Redd in second, but Casey Mitchell got past Redd to chase Ward down. Shawn Craig was on the move from the back and had garnered the third spot and then went under Ward for second. At the checker it was, Mitchell, Craig, and Ward. Donnie Hyman is the 2012 Champion.

ROADRUNNER: This division ran a B Main event as there were many cars. At the start of the race, Jordon Paiment took the early lead but lot of cars roared past him. Greg Maddox took over the lead with Brian Murrell Jr., Steve Paiment, Tommy Halvorsen tagging along past him. Halvorsen almost wit the watt and the water barrels at pit exit as he had a flat tire and had to go to the pits. Murrell Jr. was black flagged. Maddox held the lead at the restart but Halvorsen returned to the track before the green flag and had moved into second position and then passed other cars and took over the lead and the win with Maddox in second, and Steve Paiment in third. The Main began with a yellow when cars collided. At the restart, Kolby Jackson took the lead followed by Gray Ethridge and Johnnie Daniels . Kayla Foster, driving Brett Murrell's car, spun and the yellow flew. Kolby Jackson held the lad but another yellow flew for Foster spinning and the leaders changed. Michael Lawrence held the lead with Mayo getting past Daniels, but Daniels car slowed and went to the pits, handing third spot to Ken Barrett. Lawrence stretched his lead and took the win with Mayo in second spot and Barrett in third. Lawrence is the 2012 champion.

THUNDER ROADSTER: In the Main Event, Mike Ward took the lead with Bernard Burns getting past Bruce Ziemer and Allen Olson tagging along for third. Olson got past Burns and then M. Ward to take the lead. Olson led with Burns now in second and the fast cars on the move. Peeples Jr. got past most of the cars with David Henderson following. Peeples got past Burns and Henderson tagged along to run in third. Olson stretched his lead but Peeples and Henderson began closing on him. After a yellow flag came out for a spin, Peeples got under Olson and then Henderson. At the checker it was Peeples Jr., Henderson, Olson and Tommy Payne. Peeples Jr. is the 2012 champion.

IMCA MODIFIEDS: At the start of their 60 lap Main, Rich Cobb, Rick Anderson and Kaleb Watson collided with the yellow coming out when Anderson hit the pit exit wall, because of a mechanical difficulty, and was towed to the infield, ending his night. Darrin Knight inherited the lead at the restart with Potts soon getting past second spot, Devin LaHorgue. Knight stretched his lead, but a yellow flag for debris on the track rebunched them. At the restart Knight took off again with Potts and LaHorgue following and they were now into lapped traffic. Andy Vanderveer had been on the move and was able to catch Vanderveer to take over third spot in the lapped traffic. At the checker it was Knight, Potts, Vanderveer and LaHorgue. Knight received $1,200 for the win.

LATE MODELS: The 100 lap Main Event started with Dennis DelBiaggio slowing on the front straight and getting pushed to the pits and Mic Moulton being off the pace also. David Miller took the lead at the restart, but Jr. Roddy got under him to take it away. Roddy got under Miller to take the lead, with Miller, Doss (age 15) and White (who just turned 16) in tow. Roddy stretched his lead, but a few later laps, Doss got past Miller and then White got past Miller, with Forrest Kuecker now in fourth. Several more yellow flags came out, with damage to other racers that were able to come back on the track but could not mount a challenge to win. Roddy led, but Doss was able to pass Roddy to take the lead. Another yellow flew for metal debris on the track that came off one of the cars. After the restart, Doss led, Roddy was second, White was third and Kuecker was fourth. After a few more yellow flags, Doss remained in the lead and took the checker, with Roddy in second, White in third and Kuecker in fourth. Doss earned $2,000 for the win.

See you at the races when the next racing season starts in 2013!

Photo Captios:

Photo by Penny Elsebusch/Beacon

Michael Lawrence, winner of the Roadrunner Trophy Dash, fast Heat race and Main Event, is the 2012 Champion.