Brainerd, Heilbronn, Hufford 'Beat Brian'

Rosalinda Brainerd, Nova Heilbronn and Judie Hufford were the only three to beat Brian Rasmussen, assistant pro at Redwood Empire Golf and Country Club, on Sept. 27. Brian Rasmussen carded a 70 gross while Rosalinda Brainerd and Nova Heilbronn shot 66 and Judie Hufford a 67 nets to win. Renee Crowley, Wincel Nicholas, Carolyn Podratz and Karen Smith shot 70s to tie with Brian, followed by Sherron Bissmeyer, 71, Betty Treder, 72, Sue Strahan, 73, Vickie Thornton and Laurie Arneson, 74, Janet Barnwell and Lynn Freeman, 76. Jo Ann French was closest to the pin on no. 2, Karen Smith on no. 11 and Rosalinda Brainerd on no. 16. The low putts of 29 was tied by Janet Barnwell and Rosalinda Brainerd. The tournament was played at Redwood Empire Golf and Country Club in Fortuna.

photo caption:

Photo submitted by Don Podratz

Pictured: Nova Heilbronn, Brian Rasmussen, Rosalinda Brainerd, Judie Hufford