Fortuna residential water/sewer winter months begin Nov. 1

Humboldt Beacon

Water and sewer bills in Fortuna will be processed per the winter billing structure on Nov. 1, according to a news release posted by the city of Fortuna. From November through April, water and sewer bills are based entirely on actual water usage. The more water a customer uses, the more they will pay for sewer, according to the release. The winter water base rate allows for 300 cubic feet of consumption; the sewer base rate, 500 cubic feet.

From May through October, in order to accommodate for excessive summer water use, the sewer portion of a bill is based on the previous winter months' total water usage average; saving water during the winter months will lower a customer's water/sewer bills year round, according to the release. The summer water base rate allows for 500 cubic feet of consumption while the sewer base rate stays the same at 500 cubic feet.

The city of Fortuna reads all meters around the 20th of each month. The release recommends stopping excessive water use prior to Oct. 20.