More than cars at Fortuna AutoXpo

1. Antique Show

The Fortuna Veterans Hall was filled with vendors of all types during the Annual Fortuna AutoXpo.

2. People aplenty

Thousands swarmed the streets of Fortuna to take in the hundreds of cars that entered or just lined the side streets of the Fortuna during the AutoXpo.

3. Costume winners

Mike and Amy Buegeleisen from Santa Rosa were one of many participants in the Sock Hop costume contest during the Fortuna AutoXpo at the Fortuna Riverlodge and took home the honor of best costume. The Buegeleisens have been participants of the Autoxpo since the beginning, off and on. They entered their 1933 Ford Phaeton the last six years. Mike Buegeleisen used to work for local Joe Hizer.

4. Cheek to cheek

This year the sock hop drew a large crowd of all ages. Many families participated and kicked up their poodle skirts and cuffed jeans to Merv George during the Annual Fortuna AutoXpo Sock Hop dance.

photos by Heather Nyberg-Schlotzhauer/Beacon