Linson first in 'Criers Tourney'

Susan Linson took first place in the July 26 day's play of "Criers Tourney" with a score of 58. Carol Kinser, Virginia Mullan, Vicki Nolan and Judie Hufford tied for second with 60s.

Susan Linson was closest to the pin on no. 2, Carol Kinser on no. 6 and Judie Hufford on no. 16. Low gross was Judie Hufford with 89 and low net, Susan Linson with 65. Dale Harris and Carol Kinser tied for low putts with 29. The tournament was played at Redwood Empire Golf and Country Club in Fortuna.

The final round of the Humboldt County Women's Golf Tournament was also played on July 26 at Eureka Golf Course. The winning ladies from Redwood Empire were as follows:

First Flight Low Gross: Janet Barnwell, 1st, Rosalinda Brainerd, 3rd. First Flight Low Net: NanSea Russ, 3rd, Barbara Lindsay, 4th. Second Flight Low Gross: Carolyn Podratz, 1st, Karen Smith, 2nd, Vickie Thornton, 4th, Nova Heilbronn, 5th. Second Flight Low Net: Jo Ann French, 1st, Jan Carrico, 2nd, Doris Nolan, 3rd, Cecilia Faddler, 5th. Third Flight Low Gross: Wincel Nicholas, 6th. Third Flight Low Net: Sherron Bissmeyer, 4th, Renee Crowley, 6th.

The tournament was played at three different courses during the week with accumulative scoring.