Fortuna Camera Club May competition results

Judges for the Fortuna Camera Club May competition were Kathy King, Ron Irvin, Sandy Blaszak. The results were as follows:

"A" Print Division

1: "Monastery Stairs" by Ron Irvin

2: "Frog on the Ridge" by Donna Queen

3: "Purple Flowers" by Donna Queen

HM: "Purple Clematis" by Sandy Blaszak

"B" Print Division

1: "Gecko" by Ron Irvin

2: "Sunrise Thru the Trees" by Donna Queen

3: "Oregon Coast" by Pat Kesterson.

HM: "Tall and Spotted" by Sandy Blaszak

Electronic Image


"A" Division

1: "On Golden Pond" by Ron Irvin

2: "Tunnel Vising" by Debbie Tull

3: "Every Which Way But Loose" by Alayne Hunt

HM: "Water Rescue" by Debbie Tull

"B" Division

1: "Perched" by Debbie Tull

2: "Hazy Bay" by Sandy Blaszak

3: "Not Doll Houses" by Margret Heim

HM: "Pretty Painter" by Alayne Hunt

The Fortuna Camera Club meets the last Friday of the month at the United Methodist Church at 10th and N streets in Fortuna at 7:30 p.m. The whole family is welcome.

Visit the Fortuna Camera Club exhibit at the Vance Café, 525 2nd St., Old Town Eureka; 10 percent of all proceeds of the show go to the Non-Profit Youth Ability Program. The photos will on display for two months.


1: "On Golden Pond" by Ron Irvin

2: "Monastery Stairs" by Ron Irvin

3: "Gecko" by Ron Irvin

4: "Perched" by Debbie Tull