Fortuna Camera Club March competition results

Judges: Ron Irvin, Pat Kesterson and Jackie Wales

"A" Print Division

1st, "Orchids for Spring," Kathy Blanchard

2nd, "The Scot," Ron Irvin

3rd, "Early Rome," Ron Irvin

"B" Print Division

1st, "Waterfront in Nice, France," Alayne Hunt

2nd, "Marina Morning Reflection," Kathy Blanchard

3rd, "Spring is Here," Pat Kesterson

Electronic Image Division

"A" Division

1st, "Picnic at the Park," Debbie Tull

2nd "Heart of a Volunteer," Kathy Blanchard

3rd, "Orchids," Jackie Wales

HM, "One Good Turn," Debbie Tull

"B" Division

1st, "A Day at the Beach," Pat Kesterson

2nd, "Redwood Path," Pat Kesterson

3rd, "Shades of Green," Emily Laursen

HM, "Rabbi Naomi Steinberg," Kathy Blanchard

photo captions:

1. "Picnic at the Park" by Debbie Tull took first place in the Electronic Image "A" Division.

2. Alayne Hunt's "Waterfront in Nice, France," won first place in the "B" Print Division.

3. "A Day at the Beach" by Pat Kesterton won first place in the Electronic Image "B" Division.