Chamber Readers share joys of storytelling with local youth

Heather Nyberg-Schlotzhauer

Beacon Correspondent

Recently the Humboldt County Chamber Readers took the stage at South Fortuna Elementary School to entertain the K-5th grade students with wild stories putting, as they call it, "Words in action since 1976."

Chamber Readers for more than 25 years have been storytelling in a style all their own, "Combining the literary integrity of traditional readers theater with an energetic spirit particularly appealing to children." Their plan is to have the story take a life of its own and travel throughout the room enticing the listeners to become engaged in the story.

Chamber Readers states, "We want our listeners to engage their imaginations and enter the magical world of literature by brining to life stories of every genre and every age." Stories have included "Beatrix Potter," "Harry Potter," European fables, Native American tales, poetry, comedy, realism, and fantasy.

Jodi Ford, a 3rd-grader at South School, attended the event at her school and shared, "I thought they were good actors. The stories were diffidently funny!"

South Fortuna Elementary School encourages the alternative storytelling to introduce the students to a diverse spectrum of arts. The students roared with laughter throughout the readings and even produced some "ews" when they learned the spaghetti was actually worms in another story.

As the students filed back into their rooms the halls were filled with excitement as each student shared their favorite part. Teachers were able to use the experience as a way to understand different mediums for storytelling and the wide range of styles of stories.

The Humboldt Chamber Readers primarily perform in schools but can tailor programs to suit a specific audience or age group. For more information on the Chamber Readers, contact Executive Director Nicolai Kassatkin at

If you have questions regarding the educational activities brought into the South Fortuna Elementary School, contact Principal Jeff Northern at 725-2519.

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Heather Nyberg-Schlotzhauer/Beacon

Humboldt County Chamber Readers entertain local youth recently at South Fortuna Elementary School with tales of humor.