Humboldt County CCC celebrates 35 years

Heather Nyberg-Schlotzhauer

Beacon Correspondent

Most do not recognize the work of the CCC, but as we come across over 30 years of dedication we reflect on the love and support to our community. The CCC motto, "Hard work, low pay, miserable conditions, ... and more."

As the California Conservation Corps marks 35 years, the local CCC can reflect on numerous projects throughout the community. According to Susanne Levitsky, "The program was created by Gov. Edmund G. Brown Jr. in 1976 modeled after the original 1930s Civilian Conservation Corps."

The CCC has an 800 deep waiting list, at minimum wage, to join the 115,000, that have been a part of the CCC since 1976. These dedicated members have worked more than 67 million hours, planted more than 21 million trees, constructed or repaired almost 9,800 miles of back country trails, have repaired more than 1,800 miles of steelhead and salmon habitat and all while wrapping up the auditing/retrofitting of more than 25 million square feet of public buildings to reduce energy use.

The CCC is the oldest and largest Conservation Corps in the country, working out of over 27 residential and non-residential sites with members ranging from 18 to 25 years old. Sons and daughters of early corps members have become resource members, teachers, firefighters, law enforcement officers, and small business owners.

More than 1,000 corps members throughout the state submitted video clips showcasing what the state-side CCC calls, "A Day in the Life" of a CCC. The video clips were created during October 2011 and can be found on YouTube at or on the CCC website at

For those of us in this community we seldom frequent a local event without coming across their volunteer work. When we look at the multitude of Fortuna events put on by the "Friendly City" it is not complete without the CCC setting up, assisting, organizing, or cleaning up.

After 30 years of local commitment shown by the CCC they proudly look around and reflect, "We did this and we are proud."

photo caption:

photo by Heather-Nyberg Schlotzhauer

Fortuna Chamber of Commerce members celebrate the holidays with local CCC members.