Fortuna Camera Club November competition results

Judges: Tom Blanchard, Chet King and Jackie Wales

"A" Print Division

1st, "Lobster Shack," Alayne Hunt

2nd, "Scum You Be!", Ron Irvin

3rd, "Across the Marsh," Jeannette Richards

"B" Print Division

1st, "Shelter Cove Seagull," Pat Kesterson

2nd, "Portrait," Emily Laursen

3rd, "Wild Iris," Pat Kesterson

HM, "Young Photographer," Alayne Hunt

Electronic Image Division

"A" Division

1st, "Painted Lady on Yellow Daisy," Alayne Hunt

2nd, "Feed Me!", Ron Irvin

3rd, "Medieval Tiger," Debra Tull

"B" Division

1st. "Queen Sunset," Pat Kesterson

2nd. "Street Lights," Kathy King

3rd, "Eating Grapes," Debra Tull

HM, "Cape Blanco Lighthouse," Kathy King

The Fortuna Camera Club meet the last Friday of the month at the United Methodist Church, 10th and N streets in Fortuna, 7:30 p.m. All visitors are welcome.

photo captions:

images courtesy of Fortuna Camera Club.

1. "Queen Sunset" by Pat Kesterson.

2. "Shelter Cove Seagull" by Pat Kesterson.

3. "Painted Lady on Yellow Daisy" by Alayne Hunt.

4. "Lobster Shack" by Alayne Hunt.