Support our local neighbors this holiday season

To the Editor:

Here is an old idea I am passing along from a recent email. We are into that frantic holiday shopping season once again. This year, however, almost everyone is hurting financially, including local small businesses.

What if we all decided to stop supporting the made-anywhere-but- the-USA manufacturers and supported our local neighbors? Can we think of gifts that will really make a difference rather than cheaply made goods from abroad?

Number one really good idea is an item or a gift certificate for a service from a local business such as for: half a dozen haircuts or a shampoo and set, gym membership, golf lessons, oil change and lube, tire rotation, auto detailing, a cord of wood, feed store items, a medical or eye exam or dental cleaning, groceries, local wine, lunch or dinner out at a local restaurant, coffees, concert tickets, movie tickets, locally made craft, music, and jewelry items.

Number two idea is to make certificates of service saying you will do something for the recipient such as: so many hours of babysitting, washing their car, mowing the lawn or raking leaves, cleaning their house, painting a room, planning and hosting a birthday or anniversary party, and driving the recipient on a day long road trip.

You can be as creative as possible and I bet the recipient will be delighted. We can still wrap these up in a large box and put them under the tree. In our house everyone has to try and guess what is inside before opening a gift. (It makes the gift exchange last longer.) You are a winner if you can stump the recipient.

Happy Hanukkah. Merry Christmas. Cheerful Kwanzaa. And a joyous New Year.

Evelyn King