Peggy Dickinson pottery now at Ferndate Arts Gallery

In the heart of Ferndale is the Ferndale Arts Gallery at 580 Main St. Open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., artists currently featured include Rozz Aucella, Rosalinda Brainerd, Pat Cahill, Sue Cartwright, Barbara Davis, Peggy Dickinson, Matt Filar, Ben Green, Anita Punla, Kym Hansen, Melanie Kasek, Joan Katri, Bruce Keller, Lois Keller, Kathleen Klatt, Leon Porter, Camille Regli, Laura Rose and Laura Wellman.

Artist Peggy Dickinson is a potter of stoneware and said, "I enjoy creating things people use and live with in their daily lives. It's good for the spirit to have beautiful, interesting and even funny things around. I think people are hungry for things someone cared about making."

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Examples of Peggy Dickinsons stoneware pottery, now showing at Ferndale Arts Gallery on Main Street.