Occupiers or squatters?

Dear Editor,

On the editorial concerning Occupy Eureka, (Nov. 10 issue), I would like to add that these protesters have barred others from their 1st Amendment rights by completely dominating the courthouse lawn area. Calling themselves the "99 percent," they say they speak for everyone, but that's simply presumptuous and naive. I'm not in the ultra-wealthy 1 percent category, but I resent them lumping the entire population in with them without our my consent.

Resorting to so-called "squatters rights," this group has disrespected public and private property, and has made conditions so bad that police have had to cordon off the corner. The area is fenced off entirely because the Occupy people insisted on ignoring ordinances against camping overnight and continued to ignore prohibitions against using the area as a public bathroom. The area now looks ugly with its chain link fence and now dying lawn, but it's an improvement over the squalor of the tent city.

The main thrust of this fractured movement is to trash the economy, which includes trashing of the stock market. Millions of middle class Americans invest in the stock market to plan for the future because Social Security benefits aren't enough to live on. Shares or stocks of companies are publicly offered to anyone who wants to participate. You can be in poverty and invest in stocks.

Concerning the Occupiers preoccupation with the ultra-rich 1 percent, their interest isn't in spreading the wealth, it's in taking it all for themselves.

Jake Smolley