Eel River Empire Masonic Lodge No. 147 installs banners honoring service members

At the suggestion of our Junior Warden, Lee Hopkins, our community project for the year was to honor the service men and women of the Lodge's sphere of influence. Lee was appointed as chairman of the project and our goal was to have produced and placed on the city light standards, banners with pictures of the active service members. With the help of others of our Lodge and members of the city, this project was brought to fruition on Nov. 7. Ten banners were installed at this time. It is intended that when a member retires from active service, the member's banner will be removed and presented to the member and another will be installed in it's place. The Eel River Masons of Lodge No. 147 thank the City of Fortuna and their employees for help with this project.

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From left: Neale Webb (in bucket), Cory Smith, Lodge members, Phil Grunert, Jim Widdoes, Jay Grunert and Charley Bennett.