Finding balance in our lives

Life constantly challenges us to find balance. We struggle to balance our work and our family, our physical exercise and our inactivity, our income and our expenses. Life becomes a juggling act we must learn or suffer the consequences.

There are sports and gyms that entice us to participate in physical activity, books and programs to teach us financial balance; but few of us seek the psychological and emotional balance we need to improve our health and our peace of mind. Many of us don't understand the dynamic effect this inner balance has on our lives, nor do we recognize what it consists of.

Psychological balance is learning to love without absorbing another's identity, without forfeiting one self to become an appendage to another's life, or clinging to someone so desperately we remake or remold them into becoming an appendage to our own objectives. Talent, goals and direction should not be forfeited in the name of love. Real love requires no such price. Nor does love hold one hostage by making one responsible for another's happiness. Happiness comes from the initiative and self-respect within each individual. Love inspires initiative and self respect. Love inspires one to be the best of who they are. Diminishing another person is never an act of love.

Balance is being able to lean on someone without leaning so hard we can no longer stand alone. Balance is learning to give, without giving so much we become depleted. Balance is being willing to carry the burden of another without carrying so much they become weakened, incapable and crippled, from never having learned to be strong enough to carry the weight of their own responsibilities.

Balance requires never being so needy that you forfeit your truth or convictions for acceptance. If you don't accept you, if you don't protect you, if you don't value you, no one else will either.

Balance is caring deeply without ceasing to care for yourself, to love without fear of loosing, without guarantees of forever and yet know you can commit your deepest dedication to love those who bring love into your life. Love is a principle of strength, not a fire of consumption.

Fires burn out. Love improves lives in this generation and those to come.

Psychological and emotional balance challenges us in relationships. Recognizing the difference between constructive and destructive behavior is essential. You can't change what you don't understand. Balance affects every aspect of our lives, physically, financially and emotionally. Health, happiness and success come though finding balance in our lives.