Supervisors ask for California Coastal Commission nominations Fortuna's Ken Zanzi tries again

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Fortuna Mayor pro tem Ken Zanzi has reapplied for the North Coast seat on the California Coastal Commission.

On Tuesday, March 8, the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors approved a March 22 date to entertain California Coastal Commission nominations for the North Coast seat. The board asked for submissions from Humboldt, Del Norte and Mendocino counties, and 12 cities within those counties. The board will consider the nominations and forward them to Gov. Brown's office for consideration. Nominations need to be submitted to the state by April 10.

On Dec. 31, Gov. Schwarzenegger chose Fortuna's Mayor Pro Tem Ken Zanzi to fill the North Coast seat. The Fortunan beat several other candidates, including Eureka Mayor Frank Jager, Humboldt County 3rd District Supervisor Mark Lovelace and Supervisor Viginia Bass. But shortly after Jerry Brown was installed as California's new governor, Zanzi was removed from the Coastal Commission in February. The North Coast spot on the Coastal Commission became vacant after Bonnie Neely, Humboldt County 4th District supervisor's term expired. The term of office for a member of the California Coastal Commission is "at the pleasure of the Governor."

At the Monday, March 7, Fortuna Council meeting, Zanzi announced his intention to seek the North Coast chair again and is looking for support. But Zanzi won't be alone in his bid for the seat; Mark Lovelace will be submitting his name again.

Brown is requesting the nomination of at least one supervisor and at least one city council member from Del Norte, Humboldt or Mendocino counties.

Zanzi said that he encourages elected parties in Humboldt County to make the commitment to apply. "A robust candidate pool from Humboldt County will allow the appointments secretary to view the qualifications of all applicants and make the best possible recommendation for the governor to consider," Zanzi added. The Humboldt County Association of Governments, which serves as a separate selection committee, will hold a meeting asking for submissions on March 24.