New emergency radio at C. Crane Company

C. Crane, the consumer electronics company specializing in high-performance AM/FM and emergency radios, introduces their new CCRadio-2. The CCRadio-2 is the first AM/FM radio that gives anyone direct access to the 2-meter HAM radio band. During an emergency, 2-meter HAM works when other communication is out, but not everyone can access that information. With the CCRadio-2, anyone can now tune in vital updates from first-responders and local authorities, and get critical news that can save their lives. It is a great resource that is missing in other emergency radios.

The CCRadio-2 is built onto the successful design of the original CCRadio. In addition to the 2-meter HAM band, the radio also has C. Crane's patented Twin-Coil Ferrite AM Antenna built into the radio. This unique antenna helps receive the strongest AM reception possible on a portable AM/FM radio.

"HAM operators typically provide 90 percent of the emergency coordination after a disaster like Katrina or 9/11," says Bob Crane, President of C. Crane. "That's why we designed the CCRadio-2 to work like a simple radio scanner on the 2-meter HAM band. When there's an emergency in your area, you can just scan the five memories for HAM operator communications. The more information you get, the more you know. 2-meter HAM is something I've wanted on an emergency radio for a long time."

The CCRadio-2 is also designed to give listeners the optimal listening experience for news and information broadcasts. When scanning for a radio signal, the CCRadio-2 evaluates the signal for several seconds and then locks in on the strongest signal possible. This feature makes it easier to tune in weak AM radio stations.

The CCRadio-2 is available immediately for a suggested retail price of $159.95 (US), through C. Crane Company, Inc. (, and C. Crane Company, Inc. Authorized Resellers.

For over 25 years C. Crane Company, a privately held company, in Fortuna, California has been an innovator in the electronics industry and design. Their catalog is filled with unique products, many of which were designed or co-designed by C. Crane Company.