Grafting on to the family tree

Dear Editor,

While I appreciate Ms. Rigge's courage in coming forward with some of the challenges she has faced as an adoptee, I must take issue with regards to what she states with regards to her child's ancestry.

As the parent of four children that were brought into our family through the miracle of adoption, we have had to deal with similar issues; our oldest two kids have had to create their family tree as well.

Both of them had questions about their roots as it pertained to their adoptive familiy, and I explained to them that they were grafted onto the family tree, and like a branch that is grafted onto a living tree, it is just as much a part of the tree as one that had grown naturally.

My kids are not "bastards," nor are they part of any "Bastard Nation" and while I sympathize with Ms. Rigge's plight, I strongly resent such implications. Adoption is a different journey to the same destination, a child united with parents as a family.

Paul Rodrigues