On Thursday, Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre will open “I Will Show You Fear in a Handful of Dust,” an original tragedy created by the MFA Class of 2015. This one-weekend performance run is the culmination of a nine-week study exploring the theatrical realm of tragedy. The eight-performer ensemble will combine poetry, movement, and staging to create a truly unique performance event.

Rather than an academic study of Greek tragedy, Dell'Arte International looks to contemporary influences and immediate conditions to explore the theatrical terrain of tragedy. The topics engaged by the student ensemble are vast, including the scope of the tragic gesture, the narrative difference between “misfortune” and “tragedy,” the play between dramatic poetry and prose, and the role of the chorus. The curriculum culminates in an original production, open to the public, serving as the capstone to their education. Neither finished product nor work-in-progress, “I Will Show You Fear in a Handful of Dust” invites a new member into the dialogue, the audience, so that the student ensemble continues to learn actively from live performance.

The MFA Class of 2015 is Hannah Gaff, Alyssa Hughlett, Christopher Kehoe, Sarah McKinney, Moses Norton, Kaitlen Osburn, Drew Pannebecker, and Cooper Lee Smith, studying to earn a Master's of Fine Arts in ensemble-based physical theater. These eight students range from 22 to 36 years old, and originally come from an array of cities, including St. Louis, Minneapolis, Chicago, Nashville, Salt Lake City and Los Angeles.


Their three years together will include pointed explorations into character, adaptation, tragedy, storytelling, community-based art, and the development of a professional touring holiday show. In June 2015, the MFA Class of 2015 will be the eighth graduating class from Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre.

”I Will Show You Fear in a Handful of Dust” will run in the Carlo Theatre in Blue Lake, 131 H St., on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, April 24-27 at 8 p.m. All student performances at Dell'Arte are pay-what-you-can, with reservations highly encouraged. To reserve tickets, call 707-668-5663 ext. 20 or visit www.dellarte.com.