For 15 years Kenmar Road in Fortuna has been the hot spot for light seekers.

Jupe and Charlotte Holt have been lighting up their yard bringing traffic to stop on Kenmar Road.

The Holts originally began the extravagant display for their grandchildren. The community has been so responsive to the display they decided to keep it going and believe it or not, expand on it.

Jupe Holt's daughter Monica “Moe” Holt, said, “They love doing it. It is amazing how many cars we get looking at the display. They put a lot of work into it for the community.”

It takes a long time to set up the whole display. Jupe and Charlotte begin putting up the lights in the beginning of November. The yard is not made up simply of lights but figurines blow up characters, and music.

”On Thanksgiving we kids and grandkids come down to the house and help put up the big blow up things. We have done this for the last few years,” Moe Holt said. “It started out small, but every year someone seems to buy more stuff to put up. It has gotten really big.”

The lights are on until the New Year and can be viewed from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

”We have hundreds and hundreds of cars that dive up the driveway during the month to see the lights,” Jupe Holt said.

Everyone in the community is invited to come enjoy the lights. Feel free to come up the driveway, but be respectful of other cars as the

driveway is narrow. You can park on Kenmar Road and walk back to the driveway to stroll through the elaborate display.

No address is needed as you cannot miss the hue over the tree line as you come onto Kenmar Road from Fortuna Boulevard. The driveway is on the right just before the top of the slight hill. Keep a watchful eye out for cars that might stop in the road to view the lights. If you are one of those drivers consider coming up the driveway or parking just up the hill to keep the roads safe.

”Many people have come to the door to thank them for what they do. It is crazy how many people come to see the lights,” said Moe Holt.

The Holts have seen their PG&E bill grow over the years, but still carry on the tradition and will for as long as they can.

”A couple years ago we switched all the lights to LED lights,” said Jupe Holt.

Community members are not the only ones who express gratitude for the festive display.

”I thank them all the time for what they do,” Moe Holt said. “They really enjoy doing it.”