Pretty Lights Music star Eliot Lipp takes on songs from new free LP at HumBrews Thursday

Just four nights after Pretty Lights made his long-anticipated appearance at Blue Lake Casino, Brooklyn-based Pretty Lights Music (PLM) label star Eliot Lipp will take the stage at HumBrews in Arcata for an all-out electro-hip-hop danceathon.

Since quitting his job at a coffeehouse in the early 2000s, Lipp has been affiliated with some of the biggest names and labels in the EDM (electronic dance music) genre and has performed songs from his massive discography all over the world.

"Mixing up a good latte is exactly like mixing beats," Lipp said. "The espresso is like the drums -- all the punch and all the flavor is in there right -- and the milk is the melody and you gotta steam it up just right so it's nice and sweet but not burnt. And then bam! You throw them together and the song is complete."

The EDM star known for fusing electronic sensibilities with hip-hop, funk, jazz, techno and folk had released tracks via Scott Herren's Eastern Developments (with label-mates Deadelus), Chicago's Hefty Records and LA's Mush Records before putting out his new free LP "Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake" via PLM.

The album is available for free download at

"I met (PLM founder) Derek (Vincent Smith) in Colorado and played a few shows with him in San Francisco and Knoxville, and we became friends through our similar taste in music," Lipp said.

Known for using analog gear rather than digital VSTs to produce his tunes, the musician, artist and painter said Run DMC's 1988 LP "Tougher Than Leather" was the first hip-hop record of which he knew every word.

"The samples in 'Beats to the Rhyme' sounded so insane to me at the time," he said. The old-school track samples funk star James Brown, hip-hop legends Public Enemy, jazz great Bob James and more -- folks who you can tell inspire Lipp's tunes.

The musician said he and electro-hip-hop stars Two Fresh will be remixing each other's tracks in the near future and that he'll be making beats with co-PLM-signee Michal Menert again soon.

Tickets to see Eliot Lipp on Thursday night can be purchased online at

"I've played Humboldt a few times and it's always cool," Lipp said. "People are open minded, and I can play a lot more of my weird stuff. I'm going to play a variety of new and old tracks, I'm going to play some synthesizer on the beats, I'm going to make bodies move."

If you go

What: Eliot Lipp

When: 9:30 p.m. Thursday

Where: Humboldt Brews, 856 10th St., Arcata

Admission: $15, 21+